The Dark Truth About Cruising The Coast

Cruising the Coast a Scam to Extort Tourists

Cruising the Coast is not a festival. It's a trick by Mississippi Gulf Coast law enforcement and court system to lure tourists who don't reside on the coast ("outsiders"} to Highway 90 where they prey upon them with immeasurable bogus traffic tickets and arrests.

The event is for fundraising through the legal system in order to fund the obscene number of government employees' salaries. Out-of-state residents are more likely to pay a fraudulent traffic ticket instead of contesting it in court. That's what they're banking on.

The Mississippi coast has too many government employees who don't contribute to the local economy that they use unethical and immoral, false tickets, fines and arrests to generate revenue from non-residents.

You've been warned. Long Beach is the worst because the police are the most crooked, however I would advise against traveling to the Mississippi coast if you didn't grow up there (and hence know the police and the judge).

Cruising the Coast Scam

The ratio if public-to-private sector emplotyees in Long Beach is so far skewed towards public (non-productive people who drain the economy) employees as opposed to private is the worst I've seen outside of Washington DC.

If you have a classic car and desire such an event to show it off with other classic car aficionados, might I suggest collaborating with officials from Louisiana or Alabama, two coastal states that don't seek to prey on out-of-towners.

If you're absolutely committed to Mississippi, my advice is hold the event in Biloxi. At least in Biloxi there is a local economy that can sustain itself without devious scams designed to part vacationing tourists from their money using the legal system and the threat of risking being arrested if you aren't able to travel back the day of your court date.

At some point the population along the Mississippi coast may bounce back. Until it does, expect local police to seek out out-of-state licence plates to be victimized by their bogus tickets and false arrests.

For the record, I never was victimized personally. However for several years I lived on the beach in Long Beach and watched their eyes light up when all those fancy cars started arriving in town.

I later moved near the courthouse. My primary observation is that there never seemed to be a day when court was in session when the courthouse wasn't standing-room-only.

If there's any silver lining, right about the time I moved back to Louisiana from the Mississippi coast, a new city prosecutor was elected who I know personally is a good, decent man who served honorably in the US Air Force, and whom I can't see fining people who did nothing wrong.

I did not know his predecessor(s), so I cannot speak to the degree to which they'd go along with police in prosecuting innocent people.

Regardless, it's easier to just pay the ticket, and they know that. That's why so many speeding tickets are issued in that town to drivers who aren't even speeding.

I love the beach, and I love the sun, especially the vitamin D. I love to fish and I enjoy the salty air. Having all that within blocks of my home I still chose to move to escape the political corruption rampant among those not employed in the private sector.
This article was a guest post written by GeauxToBed.

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