Catfish Fishing Tips

Catfish Fishing Advice

By: Peter Egan

Catfish Fishing Tips

Peter Egan wrote an in-depth article chronicling the best methods of fishing for catfish.

He explains that with catfish, unlike most other species, don't necessarily have to be found. With a chum mixture releasing the scent of decay into the water, catfish will follow the scent all the way to its origin provided there is enough water movement to carry the scent to where the fish are. Essentially, fishing for catfish is great because instead of you having to find them, they'll come right to you.

That process is called "chumming for catfish," and Egan wrote an excellent article and filmed a series of four videos explaining the best way to go about chumming.

Those videos may be viewed below:

Once you've determined which chum method you intend to use (if any), you can decide on the method of fishing with which you hope to catch some catfish.

Peter Egan Catfish

.The methods of recreational fishing for catfish listed by Egan are as follows:
  1. Weighted bottom fishing.
  2. Bottom fishing – no weight.
  3. Just below the surface using a bobber to keep the bait at the desired depth.
  4. Fishing near the bottom using a bobber or sliding cork to help identify when a strike occurs.
  5. Jugs/Noodles/Trotlines
  6. Noodling

Egan doesn't go into detail with method #6 because he's never done it and doesn't plan to. It involves wading into the catfish habitat, finding holes in which the fish are hiding, then grabbing them from the insides of their mouths and physically wrestling the fish to shore. With an animal that can grow large enough to eat a human, you can probably comprehend the risk involved with this particular method.

The methods used by Egan on a regular basis are numbers 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Depending on the water conditions, Egan will fish with a bobber set at about 18"-24" above the hook, sometimes with a split-shot sinker affixed halfway between the cork and the hook.

If the fish aren't biting near the surface, Egan will try the bottom. Whether or not he uses weight and/or a leader depends on how fast the water is moving and whether or not weight is necessary to keep the bait in one place. That really is the only factor separating those two methods, and Egan has no preference beyond what producestthe best results on a given day.

Peter also enjoys fishing with noodles and/or jugs (empty jugs or pieces of pool noodles are used for flotation with a line and hook attached). When fishing is slow in Egan's backyard (which backs up to a bayou which connects to the Tchefuncte River), Peter grabs his spotlight and his noodles and will toss 20 or so overboard, collecting them whenever a fish gets on one or it floats too far away from where the boat is parked originally.

Fishing Noodles

Viable baits include pre-packaged "stink baits" like Magic Bait, worms, liver, shad or other small fish or rotten meat. The fish can be dead or alive. You might get an alligator gar, but you'll get more catfish than any other method if your bait is good and the fish are feeding because you can cover the most ground this way.

Peter doesn't use trot-lines, as he's found them ineffective and problematic to work with.

Fishing for Catfish (original article):

Expert Advice on Fishing for Catfish:

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