Why Was Russia Today Really Punished by Google?

Google Announcing a Punishment Based on Subjective Interpretations of Content Rare, Uncharacteristic

By: Peter Egan

** UPDATE: Google Denies Taking Manual Action (re-ranking) Russian Websites, Seeks to Diffuse Situation **

Regarding Google's recent announcement involving the de-ranking of Russian websites which have raised fears that Google is planning to censor the internet, I'm not sure this is an example of censorship. That said, I cannot say for certain one way or another, yet. I've closely watched everything Google has said and done involving search since 2005.

One thing they haven't done is made announcements like the one made about de-ranking Russia Today and given a stated reason that is truthful and forthcoming. Their search algorithm is the company's most valuable asset and they'll go to great lengths to protect it from anyone who isn't a Google employee on the Search Quality team.

Russia Today - Google

My suspicion is that Russia Today did something naughty that is against Google's webmaster guidelines, perhaps in an innovative way that most elite SEO professionals have yet to discover (or refrained from trying due to fear of punishment for use of blackhat techniques). Google isn't going to announce what they did if that is the case because they don't want smaller sites that are much harder to monitor to act as copycats, artificially inflating their search position until Google implements a permanent fix.

During the 13 years during which I've kept close tabs on that company and anything having to do with organic (unpaid) search rankings, this type of announcement (discredit Russia Today) is consistent with what they've done in the past to announce a manual action (punishment) against a big-name site (one people would notice if it disappeared from search) when they've had to crack the whip and punish a site's position. What they want to accomplish is twofold: 1) They want to make an example out of Russia Today, announce the actions taken and get out in front of the story (public relations 101); and 2) Do so without revealing the true reasoning behind the actions taken. The less Google has to reveal about how its algorithms work, the better in their view.

Personally, I am extremely hard-pressed to take this story at face value.

Black Hat SEO

I have not yet had a chance to evaluate what Russia Today or Sputnik were doing in terms of SEO, but I'd be willing to wager that the punishment has far more to do with that than it does with speech of any kind. If and when I get around to evaluating RT's backlink profile and check on a few other odds and ends, I'll update this post to reflect what if anything I've discovered.

The update atop the page would seem to confirm my suspicions. The Russian news outlets likely had a talk with Google, were informed that a particular practice (or multiple tactics) must cease or there will be manual action taken. Russia agrees to terms, disavows all shady links and everybody is happy again. In order to reach that resolution, Google could not publicly speak of their algorithm without providing information to people who would use it to seek to exploit the search giant's results.

Again, I reiterate that the stated reason given makes very little sense, and I've never known Google to take such actions for such reasons.

I would never recommend anyone use blackhat techniques in an effort to game Google. And for all I know, Russia Today wasn't. Maybe their promotional efforts involved nothing but white hat SEO. I do intend to find out though, and when I do I will be updating this blog with my findings.

Lastly, if anyone reading this wishes to learn more about SEO or speak with a white hat SEO expert who has proven himself to be very good at getting sites and pages to rank well without using shady tactics, I'd suggest contacting Dean Cacioppo - especially if you're looking to hire someone to optimize your site.

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The Dark Truth About Cruising The Coast

Cruising the Coast a Scam to Extort Tourists

Cruising the Coast is not a festival. It's a trick by Mississippi Gulf Coast law enforcement and court system to lure tourists who don't reside on the coast ("outsiders"} to Highway 90 where they prey upon them with immeasurable bogus traffic tickets and arrests.

The event is for fundraising through the legal system in order to fund the obscene number of government employees' salaries. Out-of-state residents are more likely to pay a fraudulent traffic ticket instead of contesting it in court. That's what they're banking on.

The Mississippi coast has too many government employees who don't contribute to the local economy that they use unethical and immoral, false tickets, fines and arrests to generate revenue from non-residents.

You've been warned. Long Beach is the worst because the police are the most crooked, however I would advise against traveling to the Mississippi coast if you didn't grow up there (and hence know the police and the judge).

Cruising the Coast Scam

The ratio if public-to-private sector emplotyees in Long Beach is so far skewed towards public (non-productive people who drain the economy) employees as opposed to private is the worst I've seen outside of Washington DC.

If you have a classic car and desire such an event to show it off with other classic car aficionados, might I suggest collaborating with officials from Louisiana or Alabama, two coastal states that don't seek to prey on out-of-towners.

If you're absolutely committed to Mississippi, my advice is hold the event in Biloxi. At least in Biloxi there is a local economy that can sustain itself without devious scams designed to part vacationing tourists from their money using the legal system and the threat of risking being arrested if you aren't able to travel back the day of your court date.

At some point the population along the Mississippi coast may bounce back. Until it does, expect local police to seek out out-of-state licence plates to be victimized by their bogus tickets and false arrests.

For the record, I never was victimized personally. However for several years I lived on the beach in Long Beach and watched their eyes light up when all those fancy cars started arriving in town.

I later moved near the courthouse. My primary observation is that there never seemed to be a day when court was in session when the courthouse wasn't standing-room-only.

If there's any silver lining, right about the time I moved back to Louisiana from the Mississippi coast, a new city prosecutor was elected who I know personally is a good, decent man who served honorably in the US Air Force, and whom I can't see fining people who did nothing wrong.

I did not know his predecessor(s), so I cannot speak to the degree to which they'd go along with police in prosecuting innocent people.

Regardless, it's easier to just pay the ticket, and they know that. That's why so many speeding tickets are issued in that town to drivers who aren't even speeding.

I love the beach, and I love the sun, especially the vitamin D. I love to fish and I enjoy the salty air. Having all that within blocks of my home I still chose to move to escape the political corruption rampant among those not employed in the private sector.

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Catfish Fishing Tips

Catfish Fishing Advice

By: Peter Egan

Catfish Fishing Tips

Peter Egan wrote an in-depth article chronicling the best methods of fishing for catfish.

He explains that with catfish, unlike most other species, don't necessarily have to be found. With a chum mixture releasing the scent of decay into the water, catfish will follow the scent all the way to its origin provided there is enough water movement to carry the scent to where the fish are. Essentially, fishing for catfish is great because instead of you having to find them, they'll come right to you.

That process is called "chumming for catfish," and Egan wrote an excellent article and filmed a series of four videos explaining the best way to go about chumming.

Those videos may be viewed below:

Once you've determined which chum method you intend to use (if any), you can decide on the method of fishing with which you hope to catch some catfish.

Peter Egan Catfish

.The methods of recreational fishing for catfish listed by Egan are as follows:
  1. Weighted bottom fishing.
  2. Bottom fishing – no weight.
  3. Just below the surface using a bobber to keep the bait at the desired depth.
  4. Fishing near the bottom using a bobber or sliding cork to help identify when a strike occurs.
  5. Jugs/Noodles/Trotlines
  6. Noodling

Egan doesn't go into detail with method #6 because he's never done it and doesn't plan to. It involves wading into the catfish habitat, finding holes in which the fish are hiding, then grabbing them from the insides of their mouths and physically wrestling the fish to shore. With an animal that can grow large enough to eat a human, you can probably comprehend the risk involved with this particular method.

The methods used by Egan on a regular basis are numbers 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Depending on the water conditions, Egan will fish with a bobber set at about 18"-24" above the hook, sometimes with a split-shot sinker affixed halfway between the cork and the hook.

If the fish aren't biting near the surface, Egan will try the bottom. Whether or not he uses weight and/or a leader depends on how fast the water is moving and whether or not weight is necessary to keep the bait in one place. That really is the only factor separating those two methods, and Egan has no preference beyond what producestthe best results on a given day.

Peter also enjoys fishing with noodles and/or jugs (empty jugs or pieces of pool noodles are used for flotation with a line and hook attached). When fishing is slow in Egan's backyard (which backs up to a bayou which connects to the Tchefuncte River), Peter grabs his spotlight and his noodles and will toss 20 or so overboard, collecting them whenever a fish gets on one or it floats too far away from where the boat is parked originally.

Fishing Noodles

Viable baits include pre-packaged "stink baits" like Magic Bait, worms, liver, shad or other small fish or rotten meat. The fish can be dead or alive. You might get an alligator gar, but you'll get more catfish than any other method if your bait is good and the fish are feeding because you can cover the most ground this way.

Peter doesn't use trot-lines, as he's found them ineffective and problematic to work with.

Fishing for Catfish (original article): http://peteregan.net/fishing-for-catfish/

Expert Advice on Fishing for Catfish: http://peteregan.blogspot.com/2017/07/catfish-fishing-tips.html

EGAN Hospice to Get its Own Website

EGAN Hospice Website Set to Debut

EGAN Hospice is going to be getting a its own website separate from the primary website of the EGAN Home Health and Hospice family of companies. The site will aptly reside at EganHospice.com.

EGAN Home Health and Hospice is going to start branding each company individually as its own entity as well as retain the concept that they are all members of a family of companies, share office buildings and sometimes even staff. The primary goal of the website is to make a distinction and inform both patients, their families and potential referral sourfces that EGAN Hospice is not just EGAN Home Health staff taking hospice assignments, and that the company does have its own dedicated staff who only work in hospice, palliative care, spiritual and grief counseling.

EGAN Hospice

A number of home health companies also offer hospice services but do not have professionals trained in hospice who are adequately able to provide quality hospice and palliative care. EGAN hires only hospice-specific employees to its field-staff. This is among the many reasons why those who have experienced EGAN Hospice have nothing but kind things to say following what must be a very difficult time in their lives.

EGAN's hospice staff is trained to be compassionate and aware of the circumstances, so unlike some competitors, EGAN won't send nurses into a family's home with a businesslike approach, do her job devoid of emotion and then leave. We understand the great difficulties that accompany the need for hospice care, and EGAN staff are prepared to be a comforting presence within the home. In essence, EGAN's hospice staff is the antithesis of that of other hospices that started out as home health agencies and just sends home health nurses to perform hospice duties.

That in essence is why EGAN Hospice is launching its own website. The company has a desire to distinguish itself from the competition, and brand itself as a company that is genuinely compassionate and caring, and who will empathize with their patients and families.

While EGAN Hospice will have its own site and the ability to communicate its own message via the web, it will remain a part of the EGAN Home Health and Hospice site, although most if not all future hospice-related content will be published at EganHospice.com instead of EganHealthcare.com (the main corporate company site encompassing all child companies).

EGAN Hospice will continue to share office space with EGAN Home Health and EGAN Caregivers, and will have nine office locations with a service area encompassing the entire Greater New Orleans area including Jefferson Parish all the way south to Port Sulphur. There are also offices on the Westbank in Gretna, in LaPlace, in Covington (which serves all of St. Tammany Parish), in Ponchatoula near Hammond, in Gonzales / Baton Rouge, along with Franklinton and Bogalusa in Washington Parish. The service area is not limited to those cities with office locations. EGAN Hospice covers all of Southeast Louisiana.

The development of the hospice website is underway and will proceed until completed. Upon completion, the plan is for EGAN Home Health and EGAN Caregivers to each get their own websites to further distinguish themselves and what they do better than their competition.

Peter Egan

Welcome to Peter Egan's official FC2 blog!

This is the official FC2 blog of Peter Egan, a man from the New Orleans area (Louisiana, USA), who is in his mid-30's and works in the healthcare industry.

Peter is employed by a New Orleans-area home care and hospice agency founded by his father and bearing the family name ("EGAN Home Health and Hospice" is the name of the company). The company offers an array of services, the majority of which are provided inside the home of a patient, and has nine offices across Louisiana. The comoany was founded in 1988 with one location and a single employee, and today has nine office locations and employs 350+ people.

Peter Egan and Mary Matalin

Peter's mother is world-renowned doctor, nurse practitioner and medical researcher Pamela Egan, who is the founder and owner of the EGAN Wellness and Anti-Aging clinic. The clinic was the first of it's kind, and the business model she designed for the clinic has been replicated by doctors and nurse practitioners across the country.

Back to the man about whom this blog is about, Peter is a graduate of Tulane University with a degree in Public Relations.

Peter Egan (Fishing)

He originally started school to learn to become a writer, perhaps seeking to work in journalism. However, the decline of print media and with it the corresponding salaries of journalists, Peter decided to pursue an area of study that would afford him more lucrative opportunities following graduation. Additionally, Peter worked professionally as a journalist while he was 17 years old and in high school, so he recognized that he was already a good writer capable of earning a living as a writer if he chose to do so.

Peter resides in a city called Covington, Louisiana. He lives in a home on the Tchefuncte River. One of Peter's greater joys in life is being on or near water. His previous residence was within walking distance of the beach in a small town on the Gulf Coast.

Peter's hobbies include exercise and weight lifting, basketball, boating, fishing, playing with his dogs and playing NCAA 14 Football on his X-Box 360.

Peter's official site, other blogs, pages and social profiles are as follows:

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